Friday, November 2, 2007

Biggest rumor since iPhone: Google's mobile OS

Google may not be releasing an iPhone-like competitor (even though there were rumors of Google and HTC being in bed together) but they most likely are going to make an mobile Operating System to compete with the iPhone interface and Windows Mobile. If it were that simple everyone would just be hanging aroud waiting...but it isn't. How does the 700 mHz auction that Google has been fighting for relate to this OS ? Does Google plan on releasing a device that has nationwide free internet ? Makes sense with their ad-based business model. Without a retail pipeline in place a device seems unlikely but very intriguing

From Reuters:
"The Journal reported that Google was expected in two weeks to announce advanced software and services, enabling handset makers to sell Google-powered phones by mid-2008, citing people familiar with the matter. Google declined to comment."

MIT Research team's carbon-free, transformer car

The geniuses at MIT must have had the same problem I did when spending time in Cambridge: massive parking tickets. A few years too late for me a group called Smart Cities has developed a rental car that is entirely electric, has two seats, and can fit into 1/8 the size of a conventional parking spot, while charging. This transformer car which stacks into spaces is not going to give Optimus Prime a run for his money but your Huffy or moped may not be looking a cool as it did yesterday.

[from TechReview]

Mac virus making its rounds

If you have had a Mac as long as I have then you may laugh at this story, or cry. Recently a somewhat sneaky Mac virus has been lurking through the internet. However only pron seekers looking for a little video action from their favorite site may get it. Liken this to a business man getting an STD from a strange hooker. The virus disguises itself as a codec in DMG form that automatically loads after you've clicked yes. No video is worth getting this trojan, unless of course you don't mind some nefarious forces having external root control over your computer.

Thanks [Boing-Boing]

$99 HD-DVD going for Blu-ray's only

If you aren't very happy about having to pick up a new device to replace your DVD player then you are definitely not happy about having to decide which, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. Walmart has made this decision a little easier, but only for one day. Toshiba must be accepting a loss or atleast dwindled profit margins for this deal to make any sense but today only you can be the proud owner of an HD-DVD player for under $99. The race for the next media format has been going on for years and the past six months price competition and Hollywood intervention have made this exciting to watch. If you have decided today would be the day to pull out that credit card...just hope you have chosen wisely.

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