Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google's GDrive is almost ALive

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Google's mildly talked about online storeage system, GDrive, may be poised to become public in the next few months. This will excite some, if the storeage capacity comes up big. Google is likely to offer both free and paid services when GDrive is announced, which will match up well with its three main competitors. The names of these competitors shouldn't surprise you with Microsoft's SkyDrive, AOL's Xdrive and Apple's iDisk.

Google has been slamming all competition when introducing new products, and GDrive will likely it the mark again. Likely having a search function for uploaded files the largest factor will be how much space Google will make available. Skydrive, Microsoft's offering was just upped to 1GB of storeage for free, and offers no paid service while Apple's iDisk allows for 10GB of space if you fork over $99/year. This is a rare situation in which Microsoft is actually ahead of Google, however when it comes to size it seems Microsoft, unless they up their storeage capacity, may once again be made to look like kids at a cocktail party.

[via WSJ.com]

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