Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review: LG's Voyager for Verizon

The Voyager has been out for a week now and already I have seen more than a few in the wild. After a few hours of playing with one there is no doubt this is going to be the hottest phone during the holiday season.

The first impression of the Voyager was great. The size of it is perfect. Whether you hold it in a closed position and type on the touchscreen for a message or open it and type one out two handed, it feels very sturdy but not bulky. The major problem I had with the LG EnV was how it didn't seem to feel good when using. The outer screen which is entirely touch has a pretty good reaction, especially after you get used to it. What I liked most about it was whatever it lacks in sensitivity to the iPhone it makes up by having a sort of tactile feedback. The little vibrations that let you know the tap was registered is very helpful. The touchscreen, like the iPhone's also has a very nice scrolling feature where simply waving your finger down or up will navigate.

The only real drawbacks (on the design side) is with the full QWERTY keyboard on the inside. The keyboard is not very one hand friendly, but with a T9 outer screen this is barely a problem. The other gripe was with the location of the Space bar. There is no central space bar instead there are two located on both bottom sides of the QWERTY.

The 2 megapixel camera is pretty decent and even takes ok pics in low lighting. It offers multiple fonts and it seems that having a data plan is a must as the VZ Navigator uses data. If you can ignore the Verizon user interface which has been crippling their phones then this should be a strong consideration for you. The photos basically speak for themselves.

4/5 Stars.

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