Sunday, November 18, 2007

ADrive: The best free online storage option

No other sites can really compare to the new service ADrive in storage capacity. After signing up, they allow you a whopping 50 GB of free online storage space. The only shortfall are the speeds which are not gonna have you dissing your hard drive anytime soon. When uploading a test file we got speeds ranging from 100KB/s to 200KB/s which is ok if your intentions are to add a large amount of smallish files to your space, but would prove to be a bit cumbersome when dealing with larger files. It is however free and at the moment only features a web-based format for uploading files. ADrive's "Coming Soon" page says it intends on creating a desktop based drag and drop app for adding files, but there is no mention as to how soon. They also intend on adding Premium Account options for those who need more than 50GB.

While this is not a complete back up system it is a very viable option for storing those important files. Keep an eye on them because all they need is a speed upgrade and a system for adding entire directories and they are the new king of the block.

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Nate said...

ADrive added the entire directory upload feature, and they still offer the most storage space I've seen.