Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Motorola loves Taiwan

This year has not been the best year for Motorola. After over exposing their prize product, the RAZR, to the market and releasing every possible shade of chrome at prices from $400 to free, Moto really needed a hit. Their RAZR 2 has been available for months now, and has not sliced through the competition. Instead they have slipped to to #3 in the world in handset sales, letting Samsung take their spot behind Nokia.

They may not be as concerned with the world market as they ar with Taiwan, where they announced they would be taking bold steps to escape the #4 spot for handsets. Their plan over the next year is to release 20-30 new phones in that relatively small country. That is roughly two phones per month (or more). Besides making us want to move to Taiwan, maybe Motorola is trying to beat HTC in its home market and create a worldwide surge back to a MotoWorld ?

Good luck Motorola, just don't forget about the rest of the world.

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