Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon's infamous Kindle, ebook reader

Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially announced the Kindle ebook reader. The man who made his second fortune selling a classic item in a new way is trying his hand at it again. This time he will have to convince the masses that dissing their paper and adopting a PDA-like device is a good idea. The biggest problem he will face is the price. At a whopping $399 it may be a tough sell.

The Kindle is however, somewhat feature rich. It sports a 600 x 800 pixel screen measuring 6" diagonally, for starters. It weighs 10 grams and sports an awkward keyboard at the bottom that we don't see a need for. The best features that haven't been mentioned are its' EVDO connection for domestic downloading, and it's free. Amazon has factored in the EVDO data rates into the $399 price. It has no ability to send data but you can email .doc, HTML and most picture formats to the Kindle specific email address. Other features include Dictionary and Wikipedia access for those troublesome words or a deeper understanding. Without playing around with one we at Technofilic don't know what to think. The Kindle may be a little ahead of its time if it intends to make kindling out of paperbacks. More info and photos ar available over at Ars Technica.

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