Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gold remote control for morons

Look at the picture above...does that look like $55,000 in technology? Hell no. It seems that either people are a hell of a lot dumber than you think or a hell of a lot richer. You may have seen universal remotes with price tags in the $1500 range before, but this is out of hand. Not only does this not have a tactile feedback touch screen, like a remote worth five figures should have, it cannot even turn on your microwave.

In fact this remote, designed for those of you customizing your uber yacht, seems to have one major feature: gold. If you are made of money and have a little brain go grab one of these, I bet they look swell next to a $50,000 ashtray.

Oh yeah, it will be available this December from Lantic Systems, a Danish company. Here is the link;

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