Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sprint's new Motorola Q

I guess changing the way they handle ETF's, their policy on upgrades for current users, and overall customer satisfaction is weighing heavily on Sprint. First they release a promo photo of the new Motorola Q device but instead of having Windows Mobile as the OS in the photo it has Palm's rusty OS. Putting the online blogosphere into a tizzy and momentarily having everyone a bit confused. Well now the graphic designers (with too much freedom) have fixed the apparent mistake. Strangley they have named the smartphone the Motorola Q2, which makes sense it is the big brother of the orginal Q, but many leaks have namd this the Q9c. The Q9m came out for Verizon, the Q9h has since been released for AT&T and with the Q9c being in the pipeline for Sprint (and Verizon) why is it called the Q2. All will be forgiven Sprint if you will just release whatever the hell it is called already.

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