Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Sidekick Slide's major flaw

It seems that Motorola is really losing it. Earlier this year they slipped to number 3 headset after Samsung stole some of their marketshare. Following that with a lackluster response to the RAZR 2 and it would seem unimagineable that when given a possible homerun opportunity by creating a new Sidekick device they could screw it up. Well they seem to have done so. Moto did manage to make the typically bulky Sidekick device into a more trimmed down device, but they did not test it enough. The Slide is a decent Sidekick phone and would no doubt garner a lot of T-Mo customers but a major flaw found by one such customer and seems to be a part of each handset (and not isolated) has been exposed.

The flaw in question comes when activating the Slide mechanism. Apparently when you repeatedly slide the screen up and down it develops a nasty little habit of hard resetting. Considering the slide function is a major selling point, this is a bit more than unsettling. The culprit as Boy Genius Report found is a fraction of looseness in the battery compartment. To be fair this only occured at a small percentage of attempts and took more than 15 consecutive slides, but with thousands of these out in the world that's a lot of hard resets.

[via BoyGeniusReport.com]

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