Monday, November 5, 2007

Apple iPhone..LG Prada..HTC Touch..Nokia N95...oh yeah and Samsung's M4650

The iPhone's popularity has really fueled a touch screen revolution in the mobile phone market with all the major players releasing very attractive handsets in the past few months. Now it is Samsung's turn. It calls itself the M4650 Multi-touch, which we will cough up to a translation error because unlike the iPhone and Touch it has only single touch features. It will however support haptic feedback (maybe in the form of small vibrations?) to let the user know the tap was recognized which will be nice on its sizeable 2.8" screen. It's hard to guess what percent of handsets will be touchscreen only a year from now, one thing is certain; As screen size becomes more important those qwerty key pads may look more and more like a valuable waste of space. So go on tapping away on your silly Blackberry with real keys it may soon be an antique.

Oh yeah, unless you want to travel via Seoul Air to pick up a domestic only (for now) release then sit tight with the rest of us...if you do however don't forget to pick one up for Technofilic!


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