Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nokia N82, What else could you ask for ?

Thanks to for the photos of this N82 in the wild. In case all this gPhone, iPhone news has kept you occupied let us remind you of that other mobile kingpin Nokia, here is some great symbian OS news. This puppy spotted in the wild has it all, and maybe more depending on what you have come to expect.

- 5 megapixel sensor, with a Xenon flash
- Bluetooth
- Integrated GPS
- WiFi
- A rotating screen smilar to the iPhone
- 3G connectivity, whic will make access too Nokia's music store a breeze
- NGAGE ready with two demos on board

Not sure if everyone will like the chrome finish and those keys look like they might not have the best feedback, but since there hasn't been any release date or price there is still a bit more time to mull it over.


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