Friday, November 9, 2007

Steve Ballmer: Afraid of nothing

It seems that instead of innovating, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer just thumbs his nose at industry heavyweights. On the eve of the iPhone launch Ballmer said to an audience how silly all the hype was. Explaining how he thinks that having his operating system in the majority of the worlds Smartphones and PPC's is a far better business model than Apple's iPhone having a percent or so of the market.

Well now with Google's Android becoming a reality you may be wondering what the Ballmer has to say about it ? Fret not the big mouthed CEO is not shy. Stevie B says Android is "just a bunch of words on paper." He may be true but it is also a few million words on something called the internet which Google seems to own right now. Apparently he isn't totally brain dead he does admit, "In the realm of search specifically, Google would lead."

There may not be any phones running Android and it's that there isn't even a Developers Kit yet but maybe M$ shouldn't be so arrogant, they may find themselves slipping into IBM obscurity. Maybe not quite, but WinMo is nothing to brag about.

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Mobiles and Gadget Review said...

and now 2011 .. windows phone is nothing . maybe @2016 Android will rule the world and google became skynet..