Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yahoo! joins social networking trend

Yahoo! Is hoping to fill a void between the popular social network site Facebook and the somewhat struggling LinkedIn. Kickstart! ( is hoping to ride the wave of young professionals that adopted the Facebook craze during college but now need something a bit more serious and polished but not as uptight as LinkedIn.

This make sense considering the staggering amount of people 18-23 who are a part of a social network (some studies say 70%). Rolling this connection over into a company recruiting tool only makes sense. Factor in that people tend to play favorite with fellow alumnae, Kickstart! could help link you from beer guzzling frat brother to fast track corporate lifer.

If that didn't sound good Yahoo! is also offering a $25,000 prize to a person's alumnae group who recruits the most zombies to kickstart Kickstart! Check it out.


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