Monday, November 5, 2007

What will THE MAN let you download ?

First it was Comcast that began to disallow the use of Bit Torrent P2P sharing and in case you did not hear a rather substantial net uproar began. Now it seems the Canadian ISP Bell Sympatico is practicing in similarly nefarious activity. Right out of the Comcast public relations playbook this ISP also claims that they are doing this in order to improve the customer experience. Riiiiight.

Throttling Torrent speeds during peak hours is their solution...instead of say spending profits on increasing their network strength. It is important to mention that some customers pay more for higher speeds which should be used for whatever they want. You would think.

What's next no more than 10 YouTube videos a day ? Stateside, Verizon hasn't been accused of this activity so I suggest checking them out.

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