Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon prorate ETFs

Besides customer satisfaction I am not sure what caused three of the biggest mobile phone companies to re-evaluate the way they charge for early termination fees, but we like it!

A few days ago Verizon seemed to step up and announce that for each month you are into your contract you will be credited $5 off of the $175 ETF, if you plan on leaving. Not bad at all. They also stated that changing your plan would not extend your contract. Not long after Verizon's announcement T-mobile made a similar statement saying they were making pro-rating a part of their ETF policy but said the changes would come in early-2008.

Then a few days later Sprint announced a nearly identical plan. They sweetened the deal by also saying that they would make courtesy calls to new customers, give better deals to current customers, and send notifications when large overage charges are being incurred. More Sprint ETF information will be available in early-2008, just like Tmo.

Seems like either this is a long time due or these guys are shaking in their collective boots at what AT&T is doing. Now all we need is a 50% cut in Data pricing and SMS packages...

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