Tuesday, November 6, 2007

JAJAH: Free Ad-based VoIP

I wasn't a fan of Google's data mining practice when advertisements for snowboards started popping up next to an e-mail about a skiing trip, but like all of us Google sheep I gave in over time. Now it seems a VoIP company called JAJAH has done what they call an Adwords like method of target marketing on free phone calls.

Using that valuable time that's being wasted when connecting a call to target your demographic geographically and making it an acceptable form of advertising is what JAJAH claims to have done. Personally, I am sold. I will take any ad based system within reason to make a service free. However, give it some thought and think about how you feel about some bot listening in on that conversation with your grandma.

Link: www.jajah.com
[via arstechnica.com]

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