Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Google gas pumps, we're not kidding

Incase the Google streetview vans driving around your neighborhood, the increasingly high-res satellite imagery of your backyard, and gMail ads that match your email content weren't enough to scare you now Google will be with you at the gas station.

No they don't plan on selling us gas though we do admit ad-based gas sounds great. The plan is to rollout gas pumps with a bit more intelligence. Allowing you to find the museum you are looking for without having to ask a human how many left turns and stop signs to pass. It will have some sort of ads, ofcourse, but probably only in coupon form. This sounds great as long as I don't have to wait to fill up behind some guy plotting his day trip through the city.

The brand is pump is branded Encore S and soon 3,500 pumps across the nation will be printing out directions thanks to Google innovation.


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