Monday, November 5, 2007

Google's Android, mobile platform announced!

Google has announced Android as its mobile operating system. Partnered with nearly all of the industries heavyweights sans Nokia, Apple, MSFT, RIM. The OHA, or Open Handset Alliance is a group made up of Motorola, Deutsche Telekom, T Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm and 28 other companies that are partnering with Google for an OS that will be Linux based and no doubt take over the way we think of mobile devices. So does this mean the end to Windows Mobile and all other mobile OS ? The partners of the OHA, including Apple board member Eric Schmidt does not think so. The OS will be open platform and will be open to most hardware sets. A 200mHz ARM9 processor is needed and this platform will work on both QWRETY and non QWERTY keypads.

And for the Billion dollar question: "The networks these devices will run over... how does this platform relate to the 700MHz auction?"

Eric Schmidt:"Two sep initiatives; Android will run very well on all existing data networks. We think the 700MHz network auctions are a matter of public policy and for public benefit, but Android will run well on it..."

Well that wasnt enough information but I guess you cannot have everything in one conference call. The long and short of it is that Google has taken a HUGE step into the mobile phone industry by developing a Linux based OS that many phone, chip, and Telecom companies will adapt in the upcoming year. 2008: The year of Google.

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