Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google's social networking baby steps

This may not have struck you as Facebook-like 3 years ago but this month you may want to give it a closer look. You may not be aware of it right now but besides MySpace, Facebook or LinkdIn or whatever your fix is you may be part of another social networking site; the early stages of maka-maka. If you are still reading and don't think I am typing jibberish, pay attention. Google is slowly rolling out another internet portal to gain complete and utter control over your life.

Code named "Maka-Maka" is going to be a more free and open app based social site that may compile Orkut, iGoogle and gmail accounts in order to compete against an ever threatening Facebook. The people over at good ole Goog are no dummies and if they utilize every web users need for their search results and link them to everyone they care to contact then I see this as a vital step towards the Google mission of "Organizing the world's information."

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